"Turning a sow's ear into a silk purse, and other possibilities..."

| 25 November, 2012 18:46

I'm not a rockhound, but I love pretty rocks. Well, beauty is always in the eye of the beholder! As a kid, pretty rocks were the colorful bits of glass I picked out of the stucco from the sides of buildings- certain these little bits were "real" rubies, emeralds, and various other gems. I had hit the mother lode!

I got a rock polishing kit- a tumbler for Christmas one year. I spent hours trying to pound river stones, and gravel into chunks, and (hopefully) turning these into "beautiful" rocks as they emerged from my little tumbler.

I can still see the potential in a natural stone. I love to mix the stones with glass beads and metals, and am still in awe of what nature produces; augmented by skillful cutting and polishing. I try to purchase  only natural stones for my jewelry- with minimal help from human hands... Ametrine/Amethyst may be heat treated, howlite is howlite- not white tourquoise, touquoise is natural and not stabilized to the best of my knowledge. Agates display natural colors and are not dyed.

I think Nature has done a fine job producing beautiful stones to appreciate; my interest is in turning these little beauties into wearable art!