Musings from MIlwaukee...

| 18 June, 2011 20:21

I attended my first major bead show this past week; Bead & Button Show,2011- in Milwaukee Wisconsin.  To my mind, the couple of Oasis Bead Shows I've attended in Toronto were huge, but this US show was massive!

I checked out the show on line, dithered around for a bit trying to decide; Should I go,or should I not"? I registered, had a look at the classes offered, and was immediately overwhelmed. 600 sessions! Took me 2 days to read through the classes, 2 weeks to decide on 5 classes, a month to gather all the supplies I needed,and "11 more sleeps to get there".

Clearly recalling the Oasis Show adventures; so many beads I had to fondle and own, and so little time, I made up a list: funky clasp and hearts for her, red beads for that one, and oh, look at those drop beads-really should stock up on those 'cause they are so hard to find here. Then there were the "basics" I really should replace...Since I am taking a class with Rebeca Mojica, (owner, founder, designer and teacher for Blue Buddha Boutique) at the show (!!),  better get a few more niobium jump rings so I can make another of those cute little bracelets. Now, if I buy those jewelry books here at the show, I can get the authors to sign them! That has got to be a deal; U.S. prices and all.  You get the picture, things got out of hand real quick.

I just want to say that the show, and classes surpassed my expectations. I ran out of steam long before I managed to see less than half the show floor. I was amazed at the quality, creativity, talent, skill, craftsmanship of the men and women who attended/taught classes, who manned the booths. At times, I felt like I was observing a catwalk; everywhere I looked women were showing off their handmade baubles and bling. The classes were well worth attending; artists/designers were knowledgeable, personable, passionate about their craft, and eager to share tips and help with newbies! What a fun experience.