Change the Way you Look At Things...

| 08 September, 2011 17:51

"Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change"

Still on the theme of creativity...being on vacation can be hazardous in all kinds of ways! So much more time to explore ways and means of being creative. I've had time to take a look at what mixed media artists and crafters have to say on the topic of where creative ideas come from, and the ways in which artists challenge themselve to create outside their comfort zones.

Despite the enormous quantity of info. on web sites, I am still drawn to books and magazines for ideas and inspirations, and I love the diversity I see. I cannot re invent the wheel, but I can still hope to put my own spin on an item I have created.

"Where Womwn Create;  Book of Inspiration", compiled by Jo Peckham, and Jenny Doh is a beautiful treasure trove of ideas from 23 talented women who show their creative spaces, and share insights into their unique sources of inspiration. They share activities to combat ruts, and images to illustrate their inspirations.

Some of their tips and inspirations:

  • fairy tales, folklore, circus and vintage ephemera can be a source for ideas
  • overvaluing a vintage item can inhibit creativity; the fear of not finding another like it can prevent you from using the treasure in a design
  • being raised from childhood to appreciate and value the giving and receiving of heartfelt handmade items
  • visit a flea or antique market for ideas; there is potential in old fabric, cards, jewelry, paintings, photos, as a stimulus for ideas
  • pop culture, movies, commercials, celebrities, current events, magazine clippings provide fodder for the imagination
  • music can create a mood, which in turn evokes a design-imagine creating something a favorite character in a musical would wear!

I will wrap up the topic of creativity by offering another bit of wisdom from another favorite book entitled: "The Crafter's Devotional", by Barbara Call. This author quotes a technique called SCAMPER for kick starting a stalled project. Apply a question or a series of questions to your project and see what happens!

S- substitute something

C- combine it with something else

A- adapt something to it

M- modify or magnify it

P- put it to some other use

E- elimimate something

R- reverse or rearrange it