Does Anyone Know Where I can Buy Some Time?

| 03 October, 2011 23:33

Can you believe how quickly this year has passed around?? This is the beginning of the holiday crafting season; and every town and city in the province has craft fairs to showcase the work of crafters and artisans...and to pick up some great handcrafted  gifts!

I am in the midst of preparing for the upcoming season, and this year I am working on some small bags; beaded and otherwise, quilts, and jewelry of course!

A dose of organization is in order as well as a hefty portion of time. It is very unfortunate that I do not learn from my previous experiences. It always comes as a huge surprise to me when this time of the year shows up again. All this 11th hour craziness could have been stress free if I had only planned ahead. But...that's another story.

This blog is not about whining, handwringing or fretting, but rather about sharing some organizational words of wisdom if YOU like ME are trying to cram a year's worth of creative work into what amounts to mere minutes in the grand scheme of things!

So, here is what I could learn:

  • Do as I say, not as I do
  • Less is more
  • Learn to say "No"
  • Everything starts with a plan
  • Once started, follow through
  • Clean up as you go
  • "Make measurable progress in reasonable time" Jim Rohn

So, until the next blog, I'll keep my head down, preparing for a craft show or two. Happy Crafting!